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At the height of the West Coast logistics crisis, a dot-com logistics made certain allegations and policy demands in a thread that went viral. I investigated and found that it suggested a number of useless and damaging quick-fixes which had no relation to the crisis.

Uncle Sam hunts Purple Squirrels too | Files: Essays | Tags:

In 2011, in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Wharton School’s Peter Cappelli torpedoed the “skills gap” excuse for high unemployment. “With an abundance of workers to choose from, employers are demanding more of job candidates than ever before.

Minitel (1979-2012): its past and our future | Files: Essays | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2012 is the year that Europe shuts down its proto-Internets. First, the BBC announced that teletex was getting the axe and today France is shutting down the Minitel x.25 network. These technologies, both started in the late 1970s, were ahead of their times and, in many ways, may still be.

On the revisionist history of British microcomputers | Files: Essays | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Small errors of history presented in this Guardian article sum up to a government directed, top-down history of diffusion, learning & innovation. In any history of the British adoption of microcomputers, Sinclair should earn top billing for popular influence over the BBC/Acorn.

Comparing Terms of Service for DropBox, Google Drive & Microsoft SkyDrive | Files: Essays | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

A textual comparison between the Terms of Service for DropBox, the Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive, reveals that they are not materially different in the licenses granted, rights claimed or uses permitted.

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A longitudinal study of keyword frequencies in New York Times between 2001 and 2008 supported the hypothesized typologies of catastrophic myths. Patterns of occurrence are consistent between natural and man-made disasters.

Immigration Crackdown May Pose Problems for Shippers | Files: Essays | Tags: , ,

“In a nationwide operation that encompassed 26 states, agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement swept down on 40 locations of Amsterdam-based IFCO Systems, one of the nations largest supplier of pallets and reusable plastic containers for retail customers,” reports immigration blog Migra Matters. “The fact that Wednesday’s raids resulted in […]

House Passes 100% Cargo Screening | Files: Essays | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 1 (Full Text PDF) today. While the bill contains many (many!) sections of interest to Long Beach includes funding for first responders, of particular concern to our local economy is Title V: ‘Strengthening The Security of Cargo Containers’. Title V contains provisions which the […]

Truck Shipments Down 9% | Files: Essays | Tags: , ,

I was hearing rumors from people in the industry that ‘peak season’ hadn’t showed up. Drayage companies and OTR brokers ramped up their staffing to cover increased demand, but it didn’t work out as expected. I’ve heard isolated stories of local layoffs reducing staff levels below June 2006. From Bonddad: […]

We Beg Your Pardon, Mr. President | Files: Essays | Tags: , ,

There’s nothing quite as irritating as seeing this country fight battles our parents fought when they were our age and seeing us poorer in the present. Whenever the casket is nailed shut on a leader of that era there’s an orgy of historical revisionism, and we become poorer still.

Highway Privatization on the Agenda in 2007 | Files: Essays | Tags: , ,

Toll highways, public and private, and privatization of public transportation assets is becoming a common response to ‘under investment in transportation infrastructure’ by state and Federal agencies. The high price fetched by a few recent sales and 99-year leases has state governments salivating and planning further privatizations. While the funds […]