Minitel (1979-2012): its past and our future | Files: History, Public, SFU | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2012 is the year that Europe shuts down its proto-Internets. First, the BBC announced that teletex was getting the axe and today France is shutting down the Minitel x.25 network. These technologies, both started in the late 1970s, were ahead of their times and, in many ways, may still be.

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92 members of the House GOP want to end jus soli by amending or subverting the 14th Amendment. Discuss.— The Los Angeles Times is running a front-page article on Saturday and Sunday with the headline “GOP Faction Wants to Change ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Policy“. In a nut shell, some GOP politicians […]

Paris-Compton (London) | Files: The Long Wander | Tags: , , , ,

I’m fine. Somehow I didn’t figure out that any call (while roaming) would use minutes. In the UK it’s only calling out that you have to pay for: Which might explain why it’s so cheap for calling cards home here vs there. Anyway. All’s fine. I’m in a London hostel […]

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“First of all, most of Europe supported the decision in Iraq. Really what you’re talking about is France, isn’t it? And they didn’t agree with my decision. They did vote for the U.N. Security Council resolution. … We just had a difference of opinion about whether, when you say something, […]

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In the last couple weeks a number of flights from Europe have been cancelled because of security concerns. First the Air France flights, then the British Airways flights, tomorrow – who knows? Some pundits are making the case that this shows that other countries must begin Air Marshall programs and […]