Guest Post: AI says it’s time to return to the office

Let’s come together and seize the opportunity to rebuild, reconnect, and reignite our passion and drive in the office. Let’s make the most of our time and talents by collaborating in person and making a lasting impact on our company and our community.

Testing ActivityPub syndication

If Mastodon replaces Twitter as the rising microblogging platform, the “super-RSS” ActivityPub protocol it uses re-opens the window for blogging. I know this instance is advertising to the fediverse and is discoverable on Mastodon, but I need to test whether new posts syndicate.

Making a conductive copper ink pigment

This is part 1 of a project to DIY a circuit-writing pen: making a copper pigment. I thought I’d start with easy methods and readily available materials. This is a simple chemistry experiment suitable for classrooms, garage chemists and hobbyists. The pigment produced conduct electricity pretty well.

Minitel (1979-2012): its past and our future

2012 is the year that Europe shuts down its proto-Internets. First, the BBC announced that teletex was getting the axe and today France is shutting down the Minitel x.25 network. These technologies, both started in the late 1970s, were ahead of their times and, in many ways, may still be.

On the revisionist history of British microcomputers

Small errors of history presented in this Guardian article sum up to a government directed, top-down history of diffusion, learning & innovation. In any history of the British adoption of microcomputers, Sinclair should earn top billing for popular influence over the BBC/Acorn.

Comparing Terms of Service for DropBox, Google Drive & Microsoft SkyDrive

A textual comparison between the Terms of Service for DropBox, the Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive, reveals that they are not materially different in the licenses granted, rights claimed or uses permitted.