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Making a conductive copper ink pigment

This is part 1 of a project to DIY a circuit-writing pen: making a copper pigment. I thought I’d start with easy methods and readily available materials. This is a simple chemistry experiment suitable for classrooms, garage chemists and hobbyists. The pigment produced conduct electricity pretty well.

Comparing Terms of Service for DropBox, Google Drive & Microsoft SkyDrive

A textual comparison between the Terms of Service for DropBox, the Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive, reveals that they are not materially different in the licenses granted, rights claimed or uses permitted.

Host your own real-time Twitter wall

This article describes the use of a simple AJAX-powered webpage to display a real-time feed from Twitter. It suggests use cases and reasons to pair it with an IRC webapp to provide a back channel to noisy hashtags.

Note: code uses Twitter REST API v1. This post has not been updated.

How to – finding pirated academic works is a human-generated index of pirated academic works popular among graduate students. This document is an introduction to using the system. The site software changes often, breaking links, but the social process largely remains the same.

Buy a term paper online… or troll

Teaching Assistantsfrequently trade tips for discovering plagiarism in the papers they grade. While google has made it easy to catch the lazy copy-paste form, we recognize that cheaters with financial resources can buy term papers. The following chat occurred with an essay mill which as “among the premier essay writing companies in the world”.