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BBS Servers The BBS Corner’s Telnet BBS Guide is an online directory of dial-up and telnet accessible Bulletin Board Systems, updated and published monthly (the map below is generated from the September 2010 list. The Synchronet BBS List is published by one of the last remaining BBS-software vendors, and only […]

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TeleGeography: Publications: Global Internet Map TeleGeography‘s new Global Internet Map draws upon our annual Global Internet Geography research to provide a unique view of the international Internet networks that link the globe. The map‘s global projection traces the intercontinental links between the countries of Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, […]

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Superbot – Create your own customized AIML bot based on your own personality or character Have you ever wanted to create your own totally unique custom bot character, as smart as ALICE, but with a completely different personality? Where do you start? It took us over ten years to build […]

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Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition – Five-in-One—- Address, Date book, To Dos, Memos, & E-mail/SMS—- an ultimate combination of personal information management & convenience Central – Central contains over a dozen utilities to enhance your Treo 600 or 650. From do not disturb functions to Super Alarms, Central is […]

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I’ ve spent too much of my life trying to convice answering services to send me directly to a real li ve human being. Here’s the “Find-A-Human—IVR Cheat Sheet” use the codes to go directly to the operator in all kinds of voice systems. Oh yeah: Here’s a graph showing […]

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Frank Clewer had a near miss with spontanious human combustion when he showed up for a job interview: An Australian man built up so much static electricity in his clothes as he walked that he burned carpets, melted plastic and sparked a mass evacuation. Elsewhere, Dr. Tsunemi Kubodera finally released […]

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As if I needed an excuse to keep a cup of coffee in the car… The RAC Foundation said it has conducted research into the impact of smells on driving… Different odors affect the way motorists drive, with fast food scents likely to increase road rage potential and other smells—like […]

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I just rolled out a CSS and javascript redesign of the site. The posts should all render but a lot of the secondary pages (and links to them) are broken. I’ll fix those in the next few days. Clicking here should solve the broken links for now. Any criticisms you […]

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aye-aye, noun. (plural aye-ayes) latin: Daubentonia madagascariensis. Origin: Malagasy, aye-aye can mean something that someone does not want to talk about. So, because of local superstition, this lemur is thought to have got its name because people do not like talking about it. Description: A small nocturnal primate that lives […]

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This one comes via Robert Silvey of Rubicon, who earned a place on my RSS aggrigator for his writing on Canada… One of the benefits of being a scientist seems to be the right to name new things you discover. It’s supposed to be a great honor to have something […]

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In a surprise announcement today NASA introduced an initiative to exterminate monkeys world-wide. “The simian threat to human domination for near-space calls for drastic measures,” said one top official. “If we don’t stop them now they’ll be smearing bananas all over our orbiting telescopes within a decade.” The US President […]

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Nuclear Moose points me to CSS eboot: The May 1st Reboot is a community project that brings together web professionals from all over and encourages them to collectively launch redesigns of their sites on May 1st. The only problem is the entries are all extremely Flash heavy. Sure, Flash has […]

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Blogs Canada suggests an interesting way to use the Patriot Act against blog comment spam: Dear System Administrator, One of your clients is defacing my website. It appears they are using an automated instrument to place ads on my site without my permission. This is hacking and that contravenes the […]

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From David Stephenson’s blog: [T]here’s an important new study on networking behavior from the Ohio State Research Foundation with implications for a many strategies, including my “smart mobs for homeland security” one. As reported in the American Journal of Sociology. a team of sociologists […] mapped the romantic and sexual […]