How to – finding pirated academic works is a human-generated index of pirated academic works popular among graduate students. This document is an introduction to usin the system.

Q: How the hell does “” work? I can’t seem to figure it out.

A: First, you should probably check the Arg Dot Org Facebook page to see if those are the kind of titles you’re interest in, and interested in talking about. If that stuff boils your crayfish, you’ll need an account at The old URLs got nuked by lawyers for academic publishers, which should tell you two things:

  1. Some part of what facilitates is probably illegal in your jurisdiction, and
  2. The workflow is going to be weird enough to protect the website from liability. is a human-generated index of pirated academic works. Usually, someone requests a text here or here or here (or in a new thread). Someone else looks in their own library and, if they find it, scan it and upload it somewhere, (like,, or something similar). They then create a library record for that file here. If you subscribe/follow an “issue” you can publish a library record to that pool, and if you download and re-upload a file to a new server you can add an external like.

But all in all, it’s a gong show. Disorganized, chaotic, filled with nothing you’re looking for and lots of shit you wouldn’ t have thought to look for. But sometimes, it can deliver something you need and can’t find. …Does that *kinda* explain the workflow? 🙂

P.S. can also be found on Twitter: @aaaarg.