Oh Lord, I'm Stuck in Kirkwall Again | Files: The Long Wander | Tags: , , , ,

I’m still in Orkney. Kirkwall, actually. Orkney Islanders populated the area of Canada known as Arcadia, were chased out because of some concerns about their loyalty, and moved to French Louisiana where they are known as Cajuns. Things went a little sideways last night so I’m in a rough shape, […]

Dubious Honor for The President | Files: Geek Out | Tags: ,

This one comes via Robert Silvey of Rubicon, who earned a place on my RSS aggrigator for his writing on Canada… One of the benefits of being a scientist seems to be the right to name new things you discover. It’s supposed to be a great honor to have something […]

Patriot Act vs Comment Spam | Files: Geek Out, PoliTicks | Tags: , , , ,

Blogs Canada suggests an interesting way to use the Patriot Act against blog comment spam: Dear System Administrator, One of your clients is defacing my website. It appears they are using an automated instrument to place ads on my site without my permission. This is hacking and that contravenes the […]

RE Canadian Military Diplomatic Theory | Files: PoliTicks | Tags: , , , ,

The post Diplomacy, Bush style discusses President Bush’s diplomatic gaffe in Canada when he veered off the agreed agenda and pushed for Prime Minister Martin to sign on to the Missile Defense Shield.Launching off that discussion, I submit to you three cornerstones (IMHO) of Canadian Military Diplomacy, in reverse order […]

Ottawa: DC, We Have a Problem. | Files: On The Line, PoliTicks | Tags: , , , ,

There’s been a few cases of Canadians getting deported to the wrong country hitting the press up north. There was the case of Berna Cruz an Indian-born Canadian who was deported because INS officers in Chicago decided her legitimate Canadian passport was altered or a fake (or something). Then there […]

90% of America's Imports | Files: PoliTicks | Tags: , , ,

President George Bush is reputed to have said “90% of Americas imports are now coming from overseas.” This unfortunate statement is deceptively meaningful, but false. If accurate it suggests one of three (equally plausible) things about the President: (1) He doesn’t have a firm enough grasp of economics to know […]