House Passes 100% Cargo Screening | Files: Logistics, Public | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 1 (Full Text PDF) today. While the bill contains many (many!) sections of interest to Long Beach includes funding for first responders, of particular concern to our local economy is Title V: ‘Strengthening The Security of Cargo Containers’. Title V contains provisions which the […]

Where’s the Fresh Content? | Files: The Long Wander | Tags: , , , , ,

You may (or may not) have wondered why the front page hasn’t changed substantially since the election. The easy answer is “nothing important has happened.” The harder answer is “I ain’t feelin’ it.” It’s a lame do-nothing-Congress, a bat-scat crazy President, the Supreme Court’s been silent, the economy’s still slipping, […]

YearlyKos and A Local Election Surprise | Files: PoliTicks | Tags: , ,

The election of Suja Lowenthal to the Second District City Council seat came as a shock to many of our political cognoscenti. While everyone had their favorite candidate (or three), Suja Lowenthal rarely came near the top of the list of the weird people who talk about this sort of […]

I'm in Long Beach | Files: The Long Wander | Tags: , , ,

Never mind what I’m doing. I’ll tell you later. I just wanted to say that the reports of the evacuation of Houston really bother me. I wasn’t€™t connected before Katrina came thru, this just ain’t right. Wilma Skinner (pictured): “I done called for a shelter, I done called for help. […]

LBC COUNCIL KEEPS LNG PORT ALIVE | Files: PoliTicks | Tags: , ,

Following a capacity meeting at city hall, in an early morning decision, the Long Beach city council decided in a 5-4 vote to not withdraw a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) entered into with Sound Energy Solutions (noisy website = no link), a subsidary of Mitsubishi Corporation. Instead, a substitute motion […]