Social Network Structure of Network Neutrality

From Ego-Centric Networks to Whole Network

Figure 2 labels the Industry Association network and the three grass-roots activist networks. The Industry Association network centred on the American Electronics Association (85 edges), CATA Alliance (165 edges), Consumer Electronics Association (117 edges), Information Technology Association of America (265 edges), Information Technology Association of Canada (282 edges), and the National Association of Manufacturers (438 edges). The Internet Service Providers network centered on the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (51 edges), the Coalition of Internet Service Providers (12 edges), and the Coalition of Quebec Internet Service Providers (13 edges). The Broadband/Advertising network consisted of Coalition of Broadband Users and Innovators (18 edges) an the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (18 edges). The openNet Coalition (319 edges), (665 edges), (865 edges) formed three more networks.

Figure 3 labels the NGO network and the Student Activist network. NGO network centred of the American Civil Liberties Union (4 edges), Center for Democracy and Technology (19 edges), Electronic Privacy Information Center (12 edges), Free Press (17 edges) and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (14 edges). The Student Activist network centred on U.S. Public Interest Research Groups (43 edges) and Students for Free Culture (52 edges). Figure 4 labels the Big Corporation network, centred on AOL Time-Warner (7 edges), Google Inc (4 edges), IBM (10 edges), Rogers (10 edges), Verizon (7 edges) and Yahoo! (2 edges).