Pre-Historic Rock Works

Thursday morning I had a leisurely breakfast at a little deli around the corner. Breakfast is the best deal of the day and a wonderful tradition. Now I think about it, most of my heros demanded an extended breakfast: Took the Tube to Waterloo station and caught a train to Salisbury (£24) with the idea of going to Stonehenge. It’s a cool little city with shops for everything — didn’t see a department store. Bought a £6 all-day bus pass.

Caught a bus to Amesbury and another bus to Stonehenge. The monument? It’s smaller than I expected, though somehow the 4500BC date never really sunk in. That’s prehistory, right? The Code of Hammurabi is from 1780BC. Zoroaster was born in 628 BC. The evidence suggests to me that Stonehenge is a weather predicting technology; note that -henge refers to the earthworks, not the stones. Took a walk down a path out to the surrounding burrens and so on. Sheep and rolling farms and the dense forest the army uses for artillary practice. Shame about the highways being so close:

Should’ve hired a car or taken a tour after all — had to wait around for a bus. …waiting for the bus I met another youngun who suggested a stop at Old Sarum (est. 300 BC). An old religious site turned-Roman fort turned-castle turned-monument and great lookout point. It looks down over Salisbury and the surrounding countryside.

Took the buses and trains back to London. Learned a lesson about charging my cellphone every night.