The Beaver Has Landed

Wednesday (June 15th) I landed in London Heathrow around 7am. Immigration wasn’t interested in me, but the lines were over an hour long. Almost everyone on the line is a youngun like me. Every stand had UV’s set up and turned on (though it didn’t look like anyone was using them) and 1980s era terminal-mainframe screens.

Got online at an internet cafe near the Heathrow Tube Stop (to the right of the turnstiles) and downloaded a bunch of phone numbers into my phone. The T-Mobile(USA) simcard can’t dial-out here so I headed up to Camden Town. I remembered a sim-card seller across the street from the T-shirt market.

Outside it was proper English summer Weather: overcast and drizzling, though warm and humid. I got my new sim and set up in a pub to make calls. I know drinking before noon is naughty, but I claim the Jet Lag Exception. Haven’t seen a drop of rain since I left the Oxford Arms pub on Camden High Street (in fact, 80’F-75’F day-to-night). I found a hostel near Oxford Circus and booked it down there with my backpack: met a high school friend for lunch and another for dinner. Saw some Aussies play jazz on the Southbank. Rolled into the hostel day-room around 11am and talked with the Chileans, Germans, Mexicans and an Aussie (who was also my roommate). Some Canadian kid had thrown my bags onto the floor and fallen asleep in my bed. What am I gonna do? Get angry? If I went to sleep first, I’d want to sleep on the bottom bunk, where the light doesn’t turn on in my face. Sorry, dude.