Future topics for the OpenDNA Project

Article Ideas dug out of a retired MLP directory (originally posted

  1. Open Design, Native Architecture
    The established forms of our society, economy and state consist of both a
    fundamental superstructure and a changeable body. The former is the
    radical core that establishes the rules and defines the parameters of that
    universe; the later the order that has been established within the
    established limits. While the first is the result of historical moments,
    the second is the result of negotiation and reform.
    One can think of the state as a bucket in which water slushes from one
    side to the other – the state may swing from liberiarian to statist and
    conservative to liberal, but these swings do not alter the bucket.
    …Unless the swings gets too extreme and knock the bucket over causing a
    historical moment.
  2. Fertile Absurdities vs. Fertile Fallacies
    (… Popper & Soros …)
  3. The Wild Party Philosophy
    Multiparty collaboration to push absurdist policies from the “wild”
    fringes of each party.
  4. Calico Nation
    e plurbius unium
  5. Distributed We Stand, United We Fall
    The case for a network state.