Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide (2007) | Files: Under Construction | Tags: , , ,

Cooper, Mendel (April 29 2007) Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide: An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting, Version 4.3. Retrieved from This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction . . . all the while sneaking in little […]

Introducting the California Poppy Redesign | Files: Under Construction | Tags: ,

I just rolled out a CSS and javascript redesign of the site. The posts should all render but a lot of the secondary pages (and links to them) are broken. I’ll fix those in the next few days. Clicking here should solve the broken links for now. Any criticisms you […]

Live Blog Mapping | Files: Under Construction | Tags: ,

Mikel Maron’s World as a Blog page pulls feeds of geocoded weblogs and places them on a world map in real time. kudos: headmap What? Real time & updating display of weblog postings, around the world How? + geocoding + RSS + Flash + Earth Is it really real-time? […]

First GIS Application | Files: Under Construction | Tags: ,

I just installed the First GIS Application on OpenDNA. It’s a cool little tool I can probably pull a project out of it after I dust off my Intro to GIS notes. giMapper: The geographical information web Mapper [was] developed as an alternative to the well established open source project […]

CSS Reboot | Files: Geek Out, Under Construction | Tags:

Nuclear Moose points me to CSS eboot: The May 1st Reboot is a community project that brings together web professionals from all over and encourages them to collectively launch redesigns of their sites on May 1st. The only problem is the entries are all extremely Flash heavy. Sure, Flash has […]

Future topics for the OpenDNA Project | Files: Under Construction | Tags:

Article Ideas dug out of a retired MLP directory (originally posted 04FEB2004): Open Design, Native Architecture The established forms of our society, economy and state consist of both a fundamental superstructure and a changeable body. The former is the radical core that establishes the rules and defines the parameters of […]

Sunovab*$^#%! | Files: Under Construction | Tags:

Apparently on June 6th, while trying to port everything over to the server I reset all the time stamps. In Blosxom that means all the files were written simultaniously – all 87 posts were written on June 7th. Fat chance. I hate it when I break things and have […]