Save The Schwarzeneger Bobblehead!

Smoking Gun
reports that “Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to
sue an Ohio company that is selling a bobblehead doll featuring the name and
likeness of the California governor.” HREF=”
makes the Gubernator’s bobblehead available on its

Send the Governor a message and tell him to lighten-up. His email address
is [email protected]

Dear Governor;
SRC=”” align=right
VSPACE=”5” HSPACE=”5” alt=”IMG pirated shamlessly from”/>

You’re doing a great job. Sorry I didn’t vote for you last time. Keep it
up and I will next time.

About the lawsuit against Bosley Bobbing Head Doll Company for
“unauthorized commercial exploitation of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s name,
photograph and likeness.” Dig out your sense of humor, relax and drop the
suit. It’s pretty tacky.

And remember: it’s not Mister, it’s GOVERNOR Schwarzenegger.


I dunno, but I figure being Governor is like being President: even after
you’ve left office, you keep the title.