Back In The Day: The BBS

Some people develop an emotional attachment to technology. For some guys it’s their trucks, when I was 12 it was the BBS. I was looking around for some old software from the Pre-Netscape era when I pulled up a May 2002 article titled When 300 baud was the bomb. Yeah.

That’ s what it wa s like.

The net’s filled with tributes to the BBS, but that reminded me of an OpenDNA Project from the Viper Pit days.

Republished with prejudice: The Legacy of COM8 BBS.

BBS: The Documentary is scheduled to be released this year. It includes over 200 interviews with luminaries like The Mentor, Wayne Bell (author of WWIV), Stephen Jones (SDF Public Access Unix), Deth Vegetable (cDc) and member of ACiD and iCE, and many others. Badass.

Hmm… The BBS Corner is keeping the flame alive.

BONUS UPDATE [05MAY2004] Hey Hey 16K flash rock video.