Enter the Jackrabbit (1998)

The campaign trail journal Enter the Jackrabbit has been dragged back out of the closet. It was written in notebooks, on scraps of paper and on the backs of napkins during one weekend of the 1998 congressional campaigns. The notes were later condensed into a set of emails that I habitually sent out under the title “The Viper Pit” (a reference to Washington D.C.).

May 18 2003

SAN FRANCISCO – Re-reading Enter the Jackrabbit tonight one
thing in particular stuck me: the characterization of Adam in Part 2.

“It was one of the most neurotic young men I have met in my
entire life. What’s worse, he’s a staunch partisan, of the Democratic
persuasion, and has somehow set his eyes on me being critical to the
survival of the Faith on our campus.”

Ok, so that’s probably true. But it’s also true that he has one of the most incredible memories I’ve ever encountered. Evidently I wasn’t very charitable at 3am. Yeah, he was a little weird. Weird, but totally brilliant. I lost touch with Adam long ago, but I fully expect him to show up in the Kerry White House next year. If he doesn’t, so much the worse for Kerry and the country.