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The campaign trail journal Enter the Jackrabbit has been dragged back out of the closet. It was written in notebooks, on scraps of paper and on the backs of napkins during one weekend of the 1998 congressional campaigns. The notes were later condensed into a set of emails that I […]

Why the Jackrabbit? | Files: Viper Pit | Tags: , ,

Since I wrote Enter The Jack-Rabbit several people have asked me what significance, if any, the title had. I always mumbled something about politics, sleep deprivation and Hunter S. Thompson which, I gather from the responses, was never very clear. So, for the first time, the passage that inspired the […]

Enter the Jackrabbit, Prologue | Files: Viper Pit | Tags: , ,

Enter the Jackrabbit is a subset of the Viper Pit series. It was written during the 1998 congressional campaigns over the course of a few days and has been split up to accomodate the web.   Jack Rabbit’s Taile, Prologue     Four Puerto Ricans, one Bahaman, one naturalized Vietnamese, one […]