Palm Software

Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition – Five-in-One—- Address, Date book, To Dos, Memos, & E-mail/SMS—- an ultimate combination of personal information management & convenience

Central – Central contains over a dozen utilities to enhance your Treo 600 or 650. From do not disturb functions to Super Alarms, Central is a must have utility.

Minutes PLUS for Smartphones – Tool for minutes usage estimation and statistics gathering for Kyocera and Treo Smartphones.

Hand/RSS for Palm OS – Keep up with the latest news with Hand/RSS and download RSS feeds to your handheld!

WiFi-Where – WiFi-Where is a wardriver’’s dream!

WiFile Pro – Amazing software allows your wireless handheld to access files on networked computers.

Any Idea – Got any new idea? No paper to write/sketch it on? Saves images input by pen.

PhatNotes Palm OS Edition – Award-Winning Technology for Palm OS 5/Earlier Handhelds Organizes, Links Virtually Unlimited Number of Notes; Tool Supports Editing, HotSync Technology

Address XT – Premium Contacts application with advanced features!

DateBk5 – An advanced replacement for the Datebook, ToDo, and Memo applications that is the natural successor to the highly popular DateBk4 application.

SnapperMail – Email application for PalmOS.

KMaps – puts GoogleMaps on your web-capable Palm.

AvantGo – the original webclipping media program. Lets your download and read your favorite periodicals on any Palm device, offline.

mSafe – the thing that separates mSafe from other applications in this category is that it enables you to remotely secure your Treo by simply sending a ‘special’ SMS message to it. (review)

iPedia – a wireless, mobile (wikipedia) encyclopedia for Palm and Treo, optimized for Palm smartphones like Treo 600/650.

VoiceLauncher – the first voice recognition application publicly announced and made available for palmOne Treo650…

Call History Exporter for Treo 600/650

TiffView – can be used to read faxes, works with Snappermail.

Comet – makes both incoming and outgoing call records available on the desktop. Support PalmOne Treo 650.

mDesk provides a true desktop interface and capabilities to your mobile device. It renders the content of Palm screen on Windows desktop and map keyboard and mouse events to the corresponding actions on the actual handheld device.

mRSS is the RSS news reader for PalmOne Treo 650 and Treo 600 devices. RSS news feed is an emerging channel for delivering news, blogs and corporate communication to end users. All major news and information providers support the RSS format which mRSS can download and display.

mCamLock is an application that enables you to lock the Treo 650 built-in camera for a specified amount of time. During this time period, which you define before locking the camera, you will not be able to take new pictures. When the time period expires, you will be able to restore the camera functionality.