The Cop Said

Terrifying Things I have in My Head.

There are a few of them. Like radiation detectors at borders and the Spanish Flu. Money Laundering, risky business, C.I.A. National debt, Plame Game, Red Yuan who the …. is Johnnie Ray? Oh.

I once had a classmate, who was a retired NYPD cop. He told me he was glad I was on “our side” because I knew some scary stuff. I didn’t really get that until tonight.

Enough of this Apocalyptic nonsense already. It was fun for awhile, but can we stop now ?

Oh yeah. One of my buddies caught a container full of cash. The money was hidden inside furniture. I had a tough day once with a rather difficult young woman carrying a stolen passport. Turns out I was almost subpoenaed as a witness.

But I never found a sofa full of dirty, smelly cash. I wonder why they were sending cash to the States…?