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Terrifying Things I have in My Head. There are a few of them. Like radiation detectors at borders and the Spanish Flu. Money Laundering, risky business, C.I.A. National debt, Plame Game, Red Yuan who the …. is Johnnie Ray? Oh. I once had a classmate, who was a retired NYPD […]

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Dear Officers and Inspectors, I joined this organization three years ago because this country, and the INS, had been so generous to myself and my family. It’s been a good gig and a fun ride. Yesterday I turned in my shield; it didn’t feel good but it had to be […]

Outsourcing Total Information Awareness? | Files: On The Line | Tags:, always a good source of inside-DHS information shares this tidbit from a closed-door information security meeting: Chertoff is thinking about Outsourcing Total Information Awareness. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff this week floated an idea to start a nonprofit group that would collect information on private citizens, flag suspicious activity, […]

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I’ve been asked by o thers for the CFR code for reinstatement of permanent employess. Here it is: Code of Federal Regulations Title 5: Administrative Personnel 335.103 Agency promotion programs …Except as provided in paragraphs©(2) and (3) of this section, competitive procedures in agency promotion plans apply to all promotions […]

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At every CBP airport there is a team called the Passenger Analysis Unit (PAU). These people sit in cubicles and read over the flight manifests looking for “Bad Stuff”. When they find it, they send someone out to intercept the suspects at the plane’s gate (long experience shows that people […]

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I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason why TSA screeners in Denver decided to make pengins walk through the metal detectors before boarding a flight. It probably has something to do with loopy DC regulations and the possibility that a hand grenade is hidden in their fuzzy little bellies: Or […]

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It’s a strange moment when you look in your closet and think “damn, I need more colors.” * * * Someone asked the coffee guy at the airport if he knew me. When I was described as the Customs Officer who wears glasses, it didn’t help. Lots of Customs people […]

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Stephenson points me to news that DHS is forcing some asylum seekers and other high-risk aliens to wear electronic tracking bracelets. The frame presented by immigration-rights advocates is that this is creeping totalitarianism and an unacceptable attack on civil liberties by a security-obsessed Administration. While I’m (like many Democrats) am […]

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The barrister writes: Just in case you thought you weren’t doing very well, Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor and co-author of “The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke,” wrote in 2003: “This year, more people will end up bankrupt than will suffer a heart attack. […]

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…put your hands against the wall and spread your feet apart. The people charged with preventing another Al Queda attack in the United States have been extremely concerned about the potential of terrorists using of fraudulent Visa Waiver passports to enter the country. The potential is so great that there […]

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In the last couple weeks a number of flights from Europe have been cancelled because of security concerns. First the Air France flights, then the British Airways flights, tomorrow – who knows? Some pundits are making the case that this shows that other countries must begin Air Marshall programs and […]

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It’s my nature to talk smack about The People Upstairs, it’s just what I do. Today the threat level was raised to ORANGE and, as a professional, I have to say: Well done gentlemen. I was flipping channels when I surfed past Sec. Ridge’s press conference I kept going until […]

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According to an 11/26 email that came down from On High, December 1-5 is DHS’ “Computer Security Awareness Week”. (mark your calendar!) Computerized information is increasingly the target of computer hackers or cyber-terrorists that seek access to or destruction of our systems. Stopping such intruders is vital to the mission […]

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Yet more evidence that things are different when you’re at the top: January comes after May, according the DHS. reports that the Department of Homeland Security has released a request for proposals to build US VISIT, a next-generation immigration computer system which could be worth $10 billion to high-tech […]