Introducting the California Poppy Redesign

I just rolled out a CSS and javascript redesign of the site. The posts should all render but a lot of the secondary pages (and links to them) are broken. I’ll fix those in the next few days. Clicking here should solve the broken links for now.

Any criticisms you have on the colors, layout, typography, etc, would be appreciated. Leave a comment or email me jay(a)

The rounded corners are made using the More Nifty Corners technique and code developed by Alessandro Fulciniti.

The blockquote image is adapted from Connections by Sadish Bala and Patricia Muller of I really like their series of themes based on trains and travel (Connections, GreenTrack and FastTrack).

–- Update 03 May 2005 1:45pm–-
I’ve reverted back to the brown theme until I can get CSS working with IE.

–- Update 24 May 2005 2:40am–-
Nevermind all that. I hacked back the other theme so it isn’t as offensive and will let it sit. I’ve got other things going on right now. The Poppies will have to wait. Friggin’ IE and it’s non-standard interpretation of standards. What’s up with that?