Tax Day In San Bruno (CA)


I’m one of those April 15th, 11th hour, “last post office open” kind of tax payers. And I like it that way.

Last year the last post office was Oakland. Driving up we were greeted by Libertarians and tax protestors waving signs and the city had a dozen or so cops directing traffic in the parking lot. Cars were parking in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, on the wrong side of the street, etc. People running all over the place with signs and going into the post office to wait in line. It was just Bedlam. And inside the post office, you had to actually hand the envelopes to the employees behind the counter.

I live five minutes from SFO’s mail facility this year, so I wasn’t feeling any pressure on the drive over. Some people were apparently freaking out, going 55 in a 25 and cutting other off. But when I got to the Post Office there was one cop directing traffic thru a parking lot and two employee with mail bins – they turned the process into a drive-thru! I laughed when I saw it. Take note, Oakland.

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