Transition To Blosxom Started

It looks like I’ve got Blosxom
installed on (AKA Blosxom is set-up, running, and reading the
style-sheets. The layout’s been converted, though it’ll probably be
re-designed later. I’ve begun the conversion of posts from Blogger to
Blosxom and old posts will start appearing here as that conversion
progresses. Some new material may even show up from the distant past as I
crack open dusty email files.

Kick-ass unix command of the day:
touch -t 199811031200
It changes the date stamp to 03NOV1998 at 12noon. Mighty u
seful for
Blosxom, which sorts by file creation date. Can’t have those 1998 files
crowding out newer stuff, you know…

Keep using as the URL,
I’ll swap the homepage when the conversion is complete.