Bush: The Dem’s Money Maker

MoveOn.org sent me an email (“The GOP
attacks Dems’ patriotism”) asking me to contribute toward a goal of $500K
to fight a GOP media campaign implying Democrats support terrorism. The
email was sent 11/21 at 1:49pm. I went to the donation page at 4:45pm and
the site said they were “176% of the way there.” By my calculations, that
email brought in over $293K an hour.

Howard Dean’s campaign sent
me a similar email (“Bush Attacks – You Respond”) asking me to contribute
toward a goal of $360 K by midnight Tuesday. The email was sent 11/21 at
2:19pm. The website claims just over $136K donated by 7pm EST, that’s 4pm
PST. That’s just about $62K an hour with an average donation of $63.

I don’t know what other campaigns are doing. But if the RNC spends $100K
on ad campaigns and the response is $350K in donations to Democrats…

The tempting logical fallacy is that the President’s $200 million will
turn into $700 million for the DNC and it’s allies.

Oh yeah: Here’s the GOP’s
press release
and script. And the RealVideo