I’m a Designated Special Interest

Dear Friends & Kin,

I recently cut the first couple election contributions out of my
checkbook… To the “DNC” and “JohnKerry.com”. Why Kerry? Because every
time I hear about him he’s got an aggressive angle clearly targeted to
challenge and take down the president. (As compared to say… Dick

  1. John
    called for “regime change” in the U.S. GOP went ballistic.
  2. John Kerry made renewable energy independence a campaign plank, and
    setting the Dem standard.
  3. John Kerry has a military record better than the President.
  4. John Kerry has a better national security advisor than the President.
  5. He’s got a chin to rival Brian Mulroney,
    which can only be good for face recognition and cartoons.

I like Kucinich too but
he’s kinda like Ralph Nader – Democrats want him around to push his
issues, just not in front during the general election when it counts. I
think he’s got a ghost of a chance, but.. Ideally I’d have Kerry for Pres
and Kucinich for Veep: think of a hungry John McCain/Al Gore hybrid
against Bush with a grinning Ralph Nader/George McGovern hybrid against
Cheney. I call it the “Bad Ass & Hope” slate.

If we kick over Prop. 215, the national debt and the estate tax maybe we
can goad Soros, Perot and Gates Sr. to lend some “rich guy” credibility to
the whole affair. Turn NASA into a hi-tech subsidy program and hand it
responsibility for Star Wars. If we do that I predict Silicon Valley’s
dot-com-munist army will rise from exile in Houston, Atlanta and San
Diego, and swarm down upon the Beltway lobbyists reinforced by a
Million-Trekies March. Middle America won the last election and it’s been
a disaster for the fringes ever since. It’s time the freaks Swarmed, as
Rummy likes to say, and stuck back like The Empire.

…That little geek-out probably suggests when I intend to ditch this gig
for other adventures. A “Revenge of the
” series may be in the future.

You’ve Been Warned,


P.S. Be sure to register in
the MoveOn.org Primary
! It’s a brilliant e-democratic initiative that
undermines the big-money influence on the Democratic Party’s primary