This is Too Much

I stand corrected, the coverage is indeed better than I expected. There
are still more talking heads and recycled footage on my TV than I would
like, but we are getting the occasional burst of video from in-country
(and I suspect my Limited Cable is short-changing me). Strangely, they the
best footage seems to come in a round-about way. The disappearance of ITN
journalist Terry
, for example, inspired CNN to broadcast his most recently filed
story. To my surprise, it was one of the best pieces I’ve seen since this
whole debacle started. Maybe I just prefer the British tradition of narrative journalism over
American pundit journalists (or whatever it is we do). [sigh] Somehow
offing journalists seems more barbaric than your average assassination.

I was going to go on a rant about how a Tom Brokaw is a war criminal, but
I’m not really in the mood for dark irony. Article 13 of the Geneva
Convention has something about exposing POWs to “public curiosity” which
has been openly violated by the mother of all perpwalks. I don’t care if
they’re Iraqi or American, or if you’re Al-Jazeera, the BBC or Fox News:
That really is poor performance all around.

Turkey and Kurdistan? Unleash
the Dogs of Irony…

In another case of war coverage gone haywire, HREF=””
pax says
that Al-Jazeera reported take-offs of 9 B-52 from the U.K.
more hours until the B52’s get to Iraq.
“. Surreal. His description of
the Baath Party preparations make me think “counter-insurgency” more than
“military defense”. I don’t think the populace will be rising up before
the Shermans roll into town, but I’ve been wrong before.

I’ve seen reports that residents of Bagdad are now so confident in
American weapons targeting that they’re going up on roof-tops to watch the
action and driving about the city to survey the damage. One story has a
man yelling curses at a Tomahawk missile as it went down the street. A
substantial number of civilian injuries are being reported from
anti-aircraft shrapnel and missile bits.

I’ve caught myself humming The Stars Spangled Banner several times
recently. When someone returns from Mexico complaining of a hang-over I
sing “I’ve been gone for a month, I’ve been drunk since I left…”
Speaking of which…

Enough of this noise. I’m beyond my thresh-hold for irony and flashy
graphics. I’m going to Hawaii. You’re in charge, Sparky.