August 2: Back From Turkey

I’m back in London after a month in Turkey with the family. Nice relaxing (kinda) time in the sun and swimming in warm Mediterranean waters. Went thru the interior poppy farming areas with women in headscarfs and ancient cities, hit up Istanbul. Kababs, Raki, 5000 year old cave dwellings, resort towns and hippy colonies. Brilliant.

Next stop: Scotland.

There are ideas floating around about going thru the Netherlands and Norway, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

A big part of the Piccadilly underground line is still closed, because of the bombs, which has turned a sizable area of central London into a pedestrian zone. There are small memorials scattered around the parks. The one in Russell Square hit me when I saw a picture of a young lady who was killed. People really need to stop blowing shit up.