Washington’s Chalabi nightmare has an article announcing that the rock-solid intel
on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction is now the subject of an FB

espionage investigation of Republican policy makers.

Ahmed Chalabi was given access to US intelligence and paid cash money.
In return he gave the Whitehouse, et al, intelligence about Iraqi WMD
programs. But the intel was bogus and he may have been an Iranian
double-agent who fed the Whitehouse whatever it wanted to hear, and what
Iran needed it to hear. As a result the United States eliminated Iran’s
greatest threat to regional hegemony, and just may turn it into an
ideologically-sympathetic state.


Washington’s Chalabi nightmare by Sidney Blumenthal

The Iraqi neocon favorite, tipped to lead his liberated country
post-invasion, has been identified by the CIA and Defense Intelligence
Agency as an Iranian double agent, passing secrets to that citadel of the
“axis of evil” for decades… Either Chalabi perpetrated the greatest con
since the Trojan horse or he was the agent of influence for the most
successful intelligence operation conducted by Iran, or both.

Washington, which was just weeks ago in the grip of neoconservative
orthodoxy and absolute belief in Bush’s inevitability and righteousness,
is now in the throes of agonizing events and being ripped apart by
investigations. Things fall apart; all that was hidden is revealed; all
sacred exposed as profane: the military, loyal and lumbering, betrayed and
embittered; the general in the field, Lt. Gen. Sanchez, disgraced and
cashiered; and the most respected retired generals training their
artillery on those who have ill-used the troops, still dying in the field;
the intelligence agencies, a nautilus of chambers, abused and angry, its
retired operatives plying their craft with the press corps, seeping
dangerous truths; the press, hesitatingly and wobbly, investigating its
own falsehoods; the neocons, publicly redoubling their passionate
intensity, defending their hero and deceiver Chalabi, privately
squabbling, anxiously awaiting the footsteps of FBI agents; Colin Powell,
once the most acclaimed man in America, embarked on an endless quest to
restore his reputation, damaged above all by his failure of nerve;
everyone in the line of fire motioning toward the chain of command,
spiraling upward and sideways, until the finger pointing in a phalanx is
directed at the hollow crown.