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Mikel Maron’s World as a Blog page pulls feeds of geocoded weblogs and places them on a world map in real time. kudos: headmap What? Real time & updating display of weblog postings, around the world How? + geocoding + RSS + Flash + Earth Is it really real-time? […]

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While playing with web mapping applications and reading about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) developments online I came across the concept of geoblogging and started thinking about how it could be put to serious use for good causes. Naturally, it came around to DailyKos. In retrospect, I first encountered geoblogging at […]

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I just installed the First GIS Application on OpenDNA. It’s a cool little tool I can probably pull a project out of it after I dust off my Intro to GIS notes. giMapper: The geographical information web Mapper [was] developed as an alternative to the well established open source project […]