We Beg Your Pardon, Mr. President | Files: PoliTicks, Public | Tags: , ,

There’s nothing quite as irritating as seeing this country fight battles our parents fought when they were our age and seeing us poorer in the present. Whenever the casket is nailed shut on a leader of that era there’s an orgy of historical revisionism, and we become poorer still.

Highway Privatization on the Agenda in 2007 | Files: Logistics | Tags: , ,

Toll highways, public and private, and privatization of public transportation assets is becoming a common response to ‘under investment in transportation infrastructure’ by state and Federal agencies. The high price fetched by a few recent sales and 99-year leases has state governments salivating and planning further privatizations. While the funds […]

Merry Xmas from Palm Springs, California | Files: The Long Wander | Tags: ,

Sure, this little desert adventure includes long car rides at high speed in the middle of the night (what road trip doesn’t?) but the week’s been more PG than Gonzo, and generally unfit for a rant of angst and confusion. The big deal is chill time with family. This trip […]

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Most of this category is only visible to registered users with valid email addresses. Please click here to continue. It only takes a moment. This category is by far the most popular. It contains over 85 writings dating back nearly a decade. From New Mexico to DC to Shetland to […]

‘Voices of Long Beach’, SoundWalk 2006 | Files: My Life in ASCII, Public | Tags:

‘Voices of Long Beach‘ installation by Jay McKinnon, part of SoundWalk 2006 in Long Beach’s East Village Arts District. On March 5th 2006 SaveLBCskyline.org hosted a Town Hall Meeting to address the challenges facing the 2nd District. The webcast event gave voice to over forty candidates, activists, artists, residents and […]

The Elevator Pitch | Files: Resume | Tags:

I’m a bi-lingual, bi-national Global Logistics Specialist seeking a mid-level management position with a growing firm. I’m interested out-sourcing, off-shoring and transnational goods movement. Creative and innovative with broad knowledge of the world’s cultures, politics and economies, I’m a walking solution to the business challenges of international globalization.

Special Projects Administrator — 07/2006-11/2006 | Files: Resume | Tags:

Employer: Total Transportation Services, Inc. Description: Wrote SOPs for the 3PL provider’s operational divisions and administrative departments. Fully documented drayage operations, over-the-road and rail brokerage, and warehouse fulfillment in addition to accounting, customer service, tracking, reporting, document management and claims adjustment functions. Programmed Excel spreadsheet logic tables which convert data […]

Logistics Contractor — 01/2006-5/2006 | Files: Resume | Tags:

Employer: Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. Description: Responsible for warehousing and JIT distribution of inventory and equipment in support of Metropolitan Transportation Authority contracts. Proposed processes to decrease waste of material and labor with negligible investment. Proposed processes and capital investments to increase capacity, inventory transparency, and decrease damage caused by […]

CBP Officer — 05/2002–06/2005 | Files: Resume | Tags:

Employer: US Customs & Border Protection Description: Applied knowledge of laws, regulations, and procedures concerning entry of persons to the United States and eligibility for various benefits under the immigration laws. Interacted daily with international travelers, met and exceeded agency standards of professionalism and customer service, made frequent interceptions of […]

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CSU Long Beach — 2006 Global Logistics Specialist Professional Designation Program San Francisco State University — 2005 Course: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Course: Data Acquisition for Geographic Information Systems Skyline Community College — 2004 Course: Introduction to Import/Export Management University of British Columbia — 1999-2003 Bachelor of Arts (International […]