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Index of software tag [opendna project]
Classic Shell Scripting: the history of is a frequently used in introductory CompSci courses to get students to rethink how they imagine data. The classic puzzle is expressed as: “Given a text file and an integer K, you are to print the K most common words in the file (and the number of their occurrences) […]

Catastrophic Frequencies

A longitudinal study of keyword frequencies in Section A of the New York Times between 2001 and 2008 supported the hypothesized typologies of catastrophic myths. Patterns of occurrence are consistent between natural and man-made disasters, and suggest a relationship between U.S. political elections and modern myth-creation that is worthy of further investigation.

Social network analysis software – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Wikipedia) Social network analysis software is used to identify, represent, analyze, visualize, or simulate nodes (e.g. agents, organizations, or knowledge) and edges (relationships) from various types of input data (relational and non-relational), including mathematical models of social networks. The output data can be saved in external files. Various input and […]

Superbot customized AIML bot

Superbot – Create your own customized AIML bot based on your own personality or character Have you ever wanted to create your own totally unique custom bot character, as smart as ALICE, but with a completely different personality? Where do you start? It took us over ten years to build […]

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide (2007)

Cooper, Mendel (April 29 2007) Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide: An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting, Version 4.3. Retrieved from This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction . . . all the while sneaking in little […]

The Great Troll Wars of 1994

How delightful! It’s troll hunting season on Dkos!We must have a large number of new users, because troll hunting is again a popular past-time. It makes me smile, it really does. I’ve been battling trolls since 1992. [Tip To All: CHILL. It’ll be ok. Really.] Join me below the fold, […]

A Composite Day, 01/2006

Obviously, I’ve been too quiet for too long. A dear friend called recently to check that I was ok. It seems I’ve been falling behind in my correspondence of late. I’m shamed, and will do what I can to catch you all up with a composite day. I was awake […]

Palm Software

Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition – Five-in-One—- Address, Date book, To Dos, Memos, & E-mail/SMS—- an ultimate combination of personal information management & convenience Central – Central contains over a dozen utilities to enhance your Treo 600 or 650. From do not disturb functions to Super Alarms, Central is […]

Hey Buddy: Wanna Buy a Stoplight?

I’m having a garage sale on May 29. It’ s turning into a community garage sale as neighbors pledge to bring out some of their own goods. Directions: Corner of Poplar Ave & Jenevein Ave Poplar Ave in San Bruno, CA Date/Time: May 29 starting at 8am What’s for Sale: […]

April 15th Misdemeanors by TurboTax, H&R Block

April 20th David Lazarus, a San Francisco Chronicle columnist, wrote that TurboTax and H&R Block online tax filing systems may violated California law. Both companies use webbugs and cookies to provide third-party marketers with information gathered while customers prepared and filed their tax returns. Enter Section 17530.5 of the California […]

Live Blog Mapping

Mikel Maron’s World as a Blog page pulls feeds of geocoded weblogs and places them on a world map in real time. kudos: headmap What? Real time & updating display of weblog postings, around the world How? + geocoding + RSS + Flash + Earth Is it really real-time? […]

GeoKos Proposal

While playing with web mapping applications and reading about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) developments online I came across the concept of geoblogging and started thinking about how it could be put to serious use for good causes. Naturally, it came around to DailyKos. In retrospect, I first encountered geoblogging at […]