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Index of politics tag [opendna project]
“citizenship is not a birthright”

Contra the claims that American birthright citizenship derives from a “misinterpretation” of the 14th amendment, I find more evidence in US Supreme Court rulings, before and after the ratification of the 14th Amendment, to support birthright citizenship than to support the right of citizens to vote, or the right of transnationals to own private property.

Catastrophic Frequencies

A longitudinal study of keyword frequencies in Section A of the New York Times between 2001 and 2008 supported the hypothesized typologies of catastrophic myths. Patterns of occurrence are consistent between natural and man-made disasters, and suggest a relationship between U.S. political elections and modern myth-creation that is worthy of further investigation.

Map of the blogsphere (PresidentialWatch08)

The PresidentialWatch08 map is composed of the 533 most visible and influential websites and blogs – out of a complete dataset of over 4000 sites – using Linkfluence™’s proprietary crawl technology. The map includes both social media and mainstream media outlets. The sites are divided into four different categories, or […]

Politics Is No Longer Local. It’s Viral.

Jose Antonio Vargas (December 28, 2008) Politics Is No Longer Local. It’s Viral. Washington Post, B01. “Looking back, I realize that it was on that Thursday night that a new political reality was cemented in my head. In the past, we’ve thought of politics as something over there — isolated, […]

We Beg Your Pardon, Mr. President

There’s nothing quite as irritating as seeing this country fight battles our parents fought when they were our age and seeing us poorer in the present. Whenever the casket is nailed shut on a leader of that era there’s an orgy of historical revisionism, and we become poorer still.

Highway Privatization on the Agenda in 2007

Toll highways, public and private, and privatization of public transportation assets is becoming a common response to ‘under investment in transportation infrastructure’ by state and Federal agencies. The high price fetched by a few recent sales and 99-year leases has state governments salivating and planning further privatizations. While the funds […]

‘Voices of Long Beach’, SoundWalk 2006

‘Voices of Long Beach‘ installation by Jay McKinnon, part of SoundWalk 2006 in Long Beach’s East Village Arts District. On March 5th 2006 hosted a Town Hall Meeting to address the challenges facing the 2nd District. The webcast event gave voice to over forty candidates, activists, artists, residents and […]

New Rules for

10 years ago I started this site to (1) learn something, and (2) secure a reliable email address. I’d already been burned by mergers, buyouts and bankruptcies, and knew better than to trust that Free™ webmail would always be there for me. The hosting package came with a webpage directory, […]

Where’s the Fresh Content?

You may (or may not) have wondered why the front page hasn’t changed substantially since the election. The easy answer is “nothing important has happened.” The harder answer is “I ain’t feelin’ it.” It’s a lame do-nothing-Congress, a bat-scat crazy President, the Supreme Court’s been silent, the economy’s still slipping, […]

GOP vs 14th Amendment

92 members of the House GOP want to end jus soli by amending or subverting the 14th Amendment. Discuss.— The Los Angeles Times is running a front-page article on Saturday and Sunday with the headline “GOP Faction Wants to Change ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Policy“. In a nut shell, some GOP politicians […]

Election 2006: Voters Have Confidence in Sacramento, Not in Washington DC

Unless campaigns and candidates fire up their lawyers, the results of the 2006 midterm elections are in. Click ‘read more‘ to see a race-by race breakdown for Greater Long Beach. Nationally, Democrats swept the House of Representatives and slugged out a one-vote majority in the Senate. Get used to the […]

The “Immigration Problem”

The United States has been in feverish consern about immigration recently. It’s entirely too emotional a discussion for me to have felt comfortable weighing in. Immigration is a logical system. We always talk about it in emotional terms, but it really is a rational process which is easily predicted and […]

Googlebomb v.2

Local Blogging Counts – Traditional dead-tree and vaccuum-tube media has dropped the ball and failed to hold elected officals accountable. The fifth estate has become the fifth column of American Democracy by facilitating malfeasance, pandering to power and enabling incumbents while dismissing challengers out of habit. It’s bloggers and online […]