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Index of London tag [opendna project]
August 2: Back From Turkey

I’m back in London after a month in Turkey with the family. Nice relaxing (kinda) time in the sun and swimming in warm Mediterranean waters. Went thru the interior poppy farming areas with women in headscarfs and ancient cities, hit up Istanbul. Kababs, Raki, 5000 year old cave dwellings, resort […]

Paris-Compton (London)

I’m fine. Somehow I didn’t figure out that any call (while roaming) would use minutes. In the UK it’s only calling out that you have to pay for: Which might explain why it’s so cheap for calling cards home here vs there. Anyway. All’s fine. I’m in a London hostel […]


On Friday I woke up in Brixby London at 7am and went to Dover. Had a good time in the city, shared a cab with two groups when the tour bus disappeared, saw a castle, had my runes read and was entertained by a beautiful young lady for a couple […]

Making Calls from Pubs

Today is Friday Saturday. This morning I talked to a fellow who drove up from Brussels to see U2. His girlfriend works for DHL, when I asked if they were hiring he replied “only to work on Latin American projects.” He represented that DHL is moving into Latin America and […]

Tennis and Castro

Friday I went with a friend to a pre-Wimbleton tennis competition. Learned something about the game and saw Nike’s new Tiger Woods in action. Forgot the French kid’s name, but he’s supposed to be the first black male player, he just moved up from the under-18 league where he won […]

Pre-Historic Rock Works

Thursday morning I had a leisurely breakfast at a little deli around the corner. Breakfast is the best deal of the day and a wonderful tradition. Now I think about it, most of my heros demanded an extended breakfast: Took the Tube to Waterloo station and caught a train to […]

The Beaver Has Landed

Wednesday (June 15th) I landed in London Heathrow around 7am. Immigration wasn’t interested in me, but the lines were over an hour long. Almost everyone on the line is a youngun like me. Every stand had UV’s set up and turned on (though it didn’t look like anyone was using […]