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Most of this category is only visible to registered users with valid email addresses. Please click here to continue. It only takes a moment. This category is by far the most popular. It contains over 85 writings dating back nearly a decade. From New Mexico to DC to Shetland to […]

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‘Voices of Long Beach‘ installation by Jay McKinnon, part of SoundWalk 2006 in Long Beach’s East Village Arts District. On March 5th 2006 hosted a Town Hall Meeting to address the challenges facing the 2nd District. The webcast event gave voice to over forty candidates, activists, artists, residents and […]

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This diary started out as an “I’m worse than Kos” comment mated with a Carnacki comment. Maybe it was inspired by mentaldebris. It went from an egotistical rant to, well, just a rant I guess. Feel free to rant in the comments and add tags as you see fit..I had […]