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(Wikipedia) Social network analysis software is used to identify, represent, analyze, visualize, or simulate nodes (e.g. agents, organizations, or knowledge) and edges (relationships) from various types of input data (relational and non-relational), including mathematical models of social networks. The output data can be saved in external files. Various input and output file formats exist.

Network analysis tools allow researchers to investigate representations of networks of different size – from small (e.g. families, project teams) to very large (e.g. the Internet, disease transmission). The various tools provide mathematical and statistical routines that can be applied to the network model.

Visual representations of social networks are important to understand network data and convey the result of the analysis. Visualization is often used as an additional or standalone data analysis method. With respect to visualization, network analysis tools are used to change the layout, colors, size and other properties of the network representation.