Is a ‘Katrina-Like’ Space Storm Brewing? (Slashdot)

Slashdot | Is a ‘Katrina-Like’ Space Storm Brewin g? Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday January 12, @10:19AM from the or-maybe-thats-just-a-nice-cup-of-tea dept. pilsner.urquell writes “A newly released NASA report warns that the world has forgotten the power of the sun, creating a technological society susceptible like never before to large infrastructure […]

House Passes 100% Cargo Screening

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 1 (Full Text PDF) today. While the bill contains many (many!) sections of interest to Long Beach includes funding for first responders, of particular concern to our local economy is Title V: ‘Strengthening The Security of Cargo Containers’. Title V contains provisions which the […]

Truck Shipments Down 9%

I was hearing rumors from people in the industry that ‘peak season’ hadn’t showed up. Drayage companies and OTR brokers ramped up their staffing to cover increased demand, but it didn’t work out as expected. I’ve heard isolated stories of local layoffs reducing staff levels below June 2006. From Bonddad: […]

Highway Privatization on the Agenda in 2007

Toll highways, public and private, and privatization of public transportation assets is becoming a common response to ‘under investment in transportation infrastructure’ by state and Federal agencies. The high price fetched by a few recent sales and 99-year leases has state governments salivating and planning further privatizations. While the funds […]

Where’s the Fresh Content?

You may (or may not) have wondered why the front page hasn’t changed substantially since the election. The easy answer is “nothing important has happened.” The harder answer is “I ain’t feelin’ it.” It’s a lame do-nothing-Congress, a bat-scat crazy President, the Supreme Court’s been silent, the economy’s still slipping, […]

+$26 Billion in Privacy Act Fines for Feds in 2006

The Federal government cannot be trusted to keep your information secure. Period. One by one federal agencies are proving that they are not competent to handle sensitive, private, personal or confidential information. They should not be trusted with any information about anybody, anywhere, for any reason. The recent wave of […]

California Defects from US on CO2, Joins EU

One thing I didn’t expect when UK Prime Minister Tony Blair visited Long Beach, was for the Governor of California to launch an assault on the powers of the U.S. Congress. I guess after decades of federal encroachment on State’s Rights, I never anticipated a real rebellion from a Republican […]

California Special Election Day

As most of you know, I like to sit in a pub on Election Day and watch the returns come in. Today is November 8th 2005: California Special Election Day. My recommendations for the ballot: NO. Proposition 73. Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy—State of California […]