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“citizenship is not a birthright”

Contra the claims that American birthright citizenship derives from a “misinterpretation” of the 14th amendment, I find more evidence in US Supreme Court rulings, before and after the ratification of the 14th Amendment, to support birthright citizenship than to support the right of citizens to vote, or the right of transnationals to own private property.

Immigration Crackdown May Pose Problems for Shippers

“In a nationwide operation that encompassed 26 states, agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement swept down on 40 locations of Amsterdam-based IFCO Systems, one of the nations largest supplier of pallets and reusable plastic containers for retail customers,” reports immigration blog Migra Matters. “The fact that Wednesday’s raids resulted in […]

GOP vs 14th Amendment

92 members of the House GOP want to end jus soli by amending or subverting the 14th Amendment. Discuss.— The Los Angeles Times is running a front-page article on Saturday and Sunday with the headline “GOP Faction Wants to Change ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Policy“. In a nut shell, some GOP politicians […]

The “Immigration Problem”

The United States has been in feverish consern about immigration recently. It’s entirely too emotional a discussion for me to have felt comfortable weighing in. Immigration is a logical system. We always talk about it in emotional terms, but it really is a rational process which is easily predicted and […]

CA-46: Dana Stays the Course, Cuts and Runs in OC

Update: Welcome to our visitors from the OC Weekly: Rohrabacher Cuts and Runs. This article is cross-posted on DailyKos. Also see atdnext‘s CA-46: The Brandt-Rohrabacher Debate at Golden West. Jim Brandt’s campaign site and ActBlue page. While waiting for Monday’s debate between Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and challenger Jim Brandt, I […]

Off-Peak Immigration Series

It’s been over a year since I resigned my job enforcing US law, and I’m ready to break my silence. I’ve commented here and there on the whole immigration debate, but I haven’t put my thoughts down in ASCI. This series discusses several Republican proposals and explains why they’re bat […]

Foreigners Teach Americans US History

We should thank the million foreigners who took to the streets on May 1st: they remember what we’ve forgotten. On May 1 1886 Chicago labor unions went on strike for the eight-hour work day. This strike precipitated the Haymarket Massacre. Every May 1st there are demonstrations and marches all around […]

The Cop Said

Terrifying Things I have in My Head. There are a few of them. Like radiation detectors at borders and the Spanish Flu. Money Laundering, risky business, C.I.A. National debt, Plame Game, Red Yuan who the …. is Johnnie Ray? Oh. I once had a classmate, who was a retired NYPD […]

The Beaver Has Landed

Wednesday (June 15th) I landed in London Heathrow around 7am. Immigration wasn’t interested in me, but the lines were over an hour long. Almost everyone on the line is a youngun like me. Every stand had UV’s set up and turned on (though it didn’t look like anyone was using […]

Officer Jenny

CBP Officer Jenny catches more drugs than anyone else.

On Leaving Late in A Leather Jacket

Dear Officers and Inspectors, I joined this organization three years ago because this country, and the INS, had been so generous to myself and my family. It’s been a good gig and a fun ride. Yesterday I turned in my shield; it didn’t feel good but it had to be […]

Outsourcing Total Information Awareness?, always a good source of inside-DHS information shares this tidbit from a closed-door information security meeting: Chertoff is thinking about Outsourcing Total Information Awareness. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff this week floated an idea to start a nonprofit group that would collect information on private citizens, flag suspicious activity, […]

5 CFR 335.103(c)(3)(v)

I’ve been asked by o thers for the CFR code for reinstatement of permanent employess. Here it is: Code of Federal Regulations Title 5: Administrative Personnel 335.103 Agency promotion programs …Except as provided in paragraphs©(2) and (3) of this section, competitive procedures in agency promotion plans apply to all promotions […]

8-hours of PAU

At every CBP airport there is a team called the Passenger Analysis Unit (PAU). These people sit in cubicles and read over the flight manifests looking for “Bad Stuff”. When they find it, they send someone out to intercept the suspects at the plane’s gate (long experience shows that people […]