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Index of economics tag [opendna project]
Opt out of Facebook Instant Personalization

How to opt-out of Facebook ‘Instant Personalization’ and why you might want to. This is a death watch for the anonymous Internet, unless we seize back our relationships and decentralize social networking. \o.O/

Truck Shipments Down 9%

I was hearing rumors from people in the industry that ‘peak season’ hadn’t showed up. Drayage companies and OTR brokers ramped up their staffing to cover increased demand, but it didn’t work out as expected. I’ve heard isolated stories of local layoffs reducing staff levels below June 2006. From Bonddad: […]

Where’s the Fresh Content?

You may (or may not) have wondered why the front page hasn’t changed substantially since the election. The easy answer is “nothing important has happened.” The harder answer is “I ain’t feelin’ it.” It’s a lame do-nothing-Congress, a bat-scat crazy President, the Supreme Court’s been silent, the economy’s still slipping, […]

More on the Chinese Revaluation

To start this off: I queried a passenger today — a Chinese fund manager — about when the Yuan is going to appreciate and by how much. His answer was uniquivocal: 5% in June. This is markedly different than what I’m reading in the US sources about more than 2% […]

About-Face on Renminbi Threatens Economic Melt-Down

It seems like like all the economics bloggers are talking about floating the Chinese Yuan, “soft landings” and “hard landings” and what the Federal Reserve is going to do about what. The bothersome thing about brilliant minds is that they churn through so many permutations so quickly, it can be […]

China’s National Interest in a Full Employment

I have a partial answer to a question posed by Kash at Angry Bear: Why is China still holding on to its dollar peg if it’s not in its own interest? Let’s go back to Alan Greenspan’s comments, which, while cast as a negative are probably seen as a positive […]

Onion: Cost of Living Now Outweighs Benefits

Following on Tuesday’s post about a decline in real incomes for Americans, The Onion runs an article announcing that Cost of Living Now Outweighs Benefits. WASHINGTON, DC–A report released Monday by the Federal Consumer Quality-Of-Life Control Board indicates that the cost of living now outstrips life’s benefits for many Americans.“This […]

Drip, Drip Drip: Worker Pay Drops

The story’s number three on Blogdex: “Wages Lagging Behind Prices“. Worker pay raises trail inflation but the numbers obscure the severity, suggesting the problem is worse than it appears. The base of the LA Times the story is this: “For the first time in 14 years… growth in wages in […]

90% of America’s Imports

President George Bush is reputed to have said “90% of Americas imports are now coming from overseas.” This unfortunate statement is deceptively meaningful, but false. If accurate it suggests one of three (equally plausible) things about the President: (1) He doesn’t have a firm enough grasp of economics to know […]